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My Favorite Leave-Ins for My Natural Curls 2017

A good leave-in conditioner is essential if you want strong healthy hair. It's also a key step to achieving the style you want, whether it be curly and defined or smooth and straight. The goal is finding the right leave-in that works with the texture of your hair. It should provide the nutrients that can guard it from damage.

As you know, I'm always trying new products but I've found a few that I love and always have around. These leave-ins are the first step to my favorite styles, like wash and go, shingling, raking, twists, etc.

Revlons Unique One All-in-One Hair Treatment (for 3a to 3c type curls)

This one is my all time favorite leave-in. I discovered it years ago, when I use to have relaxed (permed/chemically straightened) hair. The first time I tried it, my blowout turned out silky with a ton of movement. Although, I regularly attacked my hair with my blow dryer and flat iron, UniqOne reduced my breakage almost instantly.

It was just a few weeks ago that I decided to…

2017 Winter in Toronto? Find Cozy Parkas and Puffers

I've noticed a lot of traffic to my Parkas for 2015 Winter in Toronto post so here's an update for 2017. Winter in Toronto isn't consistent from the beginning to the end. It's a mix of mild to cold weather with many moments of slushy wetness to icy fall-on-your-butt kind of conditions.

To get through our winters, you'll need very warm winter boots with non-slip soles, a light waterproof puffer jacket for mild days, and a waterproof heavy parka or puffer for those super cold days...brrr.

Here's what I've found on my many shopping journeys in Toronto...

Super Curls Using the Shingling Method

I'm still learning how to maintain my natural hair so I'm always searching for new ways to style it.  The amount of information available is remarkable. There are so many how-to blogs and videos of ladies sharing their tips and tricks.

My regular method is my wash and go. A process that includes my golden rule, only use a comb when I have conditioner in my hair...unless I'm doing an updo or touching up my edges. One of the methods I tried was "shingling".

Great Lashes from Great Lashes!

After a few years of using many different mascaras, I spotted Mabelline's Great Lash on sale for a wicked price. It dawned on me that I use to rely on Great Lash in my late teens and throughout my twenties. It was what all my friends used. So I felt compelled to grab, not just one but two, one waterproof and one regular with a new cone shaped brush.  After using  the regular one daily for the last couple of months, I'm convinced that Maybelline killed it with the cone shaped brush. I'm hooked. The waterproof, goes on great but I reserve it for the moments where a water repellent is necessary.

Drive your career

Driving your career is your job and the road to success is not comfortable by any means. As a career and life coach, I've met many people who've said, "I've been in this job forever and all I see is other people getting the opportunities". The first two questions that come to mind is why the hell have you been in this job forever and where do you think the "other" people are getting the opportunities from?

Natural Curls? Try My Wash-&-Go Process

You asked for me to share my wash-&-go process and now that I've got it down, here you go. Keep in mind that this process works for my cross between  my 3B and 3C type curls and may not work for tighter coils as a wash and go. But steps 1 through to 4 can work for everybody who wants to reduce breakage and split ends.

Best Conditioners for Natural Curls

After my long journey transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, the biggest challenge has been combing out the knots. Curly hair tends to get very tangled, especially if you wash & go. They key to keeping more hair on your head and less in the comb is the right conditioner. It should be slick enough to help you easily comb (I use a volume comb) out the knots. The only time I comb out my hair is when I'm conditioning it, just before I rinse.